Andrea Pineda-Salgado is a bilingual journalist based in New York. Passionate about storytelling, she has produced reports on the most pressing political and local news stories. During her time as a journalism student, Andrea has covered news events from the presidential election of 2020 to the COVID pandemic to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.
As a daughter of immigrants, Andrea is passionate about giving a voice to marginalized people through journalism. As part of her thesis, she produced a documentary entitled: Surviving Corona: The Street Vendors Caught in the Middle of The Virus and The Neighborhood. This documentary tells the story of two street vendors trying to survive in the neighborhood of Corona, Queens (Andrea’s hometown) after the pandemic left them jobless. With no papers or work permits they turned to street vending when Corona was the epicenter of COVID pandemic.
Andrea recently graduated from New York University, with a bachelor degree in Journalism and Media, Culture and Communications. Currently, she is a contributing reporter for Epicenter-NYC, a community journalism initiative. There she is able to report on the city she loves, and shed light on the inequalities that burden the people there. She hopes to pursue a career in television news whether it be as a news reporter or in production.

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